Become a Better Instructor Through Data Analysis

Kennesaw State University faculty are excellent researchers and instructors. Now, with the use of a new tool, KSU faculty are using their research skills to become more effective instructors and ultimately, learning scientists. In partnership with Microsoft, KSU built uHoo Analytics, a D2L learning analytics tool that helps faculty prioritize their attention by: 

  • Identifying students in need of additional support or tutoring
  • Providing visualizations that reveal common student challenges
  • Revealing opportunities for revision of course content, activities, and assessments 

uHoo Analytics is a key tool in helping faculty support student success and offering personalized student support.

Accessing uHoo Analytics at KSU

Amazing teachers (like you) think like researchers! 

If you teach a course in any format (online, hybrid, or in-person) and use the D2L Gradebook, you can use uHoo Analytics to easily and effectively collect and analyze data and start your research into student success. 

To gain access to uHoo Analytics, please click the link below to open the Introduction to uHoo Analytics module within OwlTrain. Once you complete the module, you will receive an email indicating that you can access your data within one week. Completing this training will also earn you the Introduction to uHoo Analytics souvenir microcredential.

Introduction to uHoo Analytics Module

As a participant, you will receive:

  • Monday Measures Email: This email will contain student, course, and quiz question alerts and links directly to the uHoo Analytics dashboards.
  • uHoo Analytics Dashboard: Links in the Monday Measures email will lead to the uHoo Analytics Dashboard, which will provide insight regarding questions on quizzes and assignments that students struggled with the previous week. If you use D2L to record attendance, this data will also be available. These dashboards will give you a closer look at data for individual students, assessments, and the course in general. 

Benefits of Using uHoo Analytics

How does uHoo Support Student Success?

  • Improve your data-informed decision-making.
  • Customize learning experiences to meet students' needs.
  • Collect real-time feedback on student learning and instructional strategies.
  • Facilitate communications and engagement with students. 
  • Create opportunities for early intervention and support.

What’s in it for you? 

  • Flexibility and Freedom: Make D2L work for you to free up your time for other KSU and college demands.
  • Supporting Evidence: Generate evidence in the categories of Professional Service and Teaching, Supervising, and Mentoring for your ARD and P&T narratives.
  • Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL): Explore how learning analytics may be used to support SoTL. contact Dr. Hillary Steiner, Associate Director for SoTL at CETL, for an individual consultation or workshop opportunity.  


Please use the resources below as you work in uHoo Analytics.

  • uHoo Analytics Full Job Aid: Provides a comprehensive overview of the uHoo Analytics platform, how it works, and a breakdown of each of the dashboards and descriptions of the visualizations they contain. This document also includes best practices for maximizing your use of D2L to get the best data out of uHoo Analytics and the ethics of using a platform like uHoo Analytics to inform your work as a faculty member and a learning scientist.
  • uHoo Analytics QuickStart Guide: Demonstrates two ways of accessing the uHoo Analytics platform in Power Bi using either the app version of Microsoft Teams or the web version of Microsoft Outlook. 
  • uHoo Analytics Shortcut Sheet: Lists several of the most common tasks you might want to accomplish in uHoo Analytics and how to do so. 

Want more information? Email or visit our FAQ Page.