University Assessment Council 

The University Assessment Council supports a process of continual self-evaluation and improvement at Kennesaw State University. The primary purpose is to oversee ongoing assessment to improve academic and student services, educational programs, and student-learning. It seeks to foster full participation in outcomes-based assessment.

Council membership consists of invited representatives from the above listed areas of the University. The University Assessment Council serves in a variety of ways:

  • Proposes and assists in the implementation of university institutional effectiveness policies and procedures.
  • Monitors the quality of program and unit assessment results, reports, and plans.
  • Serves as a cross-campus forum for the exchange of ideas, information, and advice on methods and practices of assessment.
  • Keeps units apprised of expectations for assessment, including expectations related to KSU’s regional accreditation.
  • Works with those who engage in assessment activities to help them understand and enhance their activities.
  • Promotes collaboration and optimization of the use of shared tools and resources among areas.

University Assessment Council Membership

University Assessment Council membership consists of the Assessment Team members and one representative from each college selected by the college's dean, and additional invited representatives from all other areas of the university.

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