Simplified Assessment Framework

At KSU, we strive to provide students with the learning opportunities and experiences needed to be successful in their degree programs and in their careers.  With student learning and student success at the core of our academic mission, the Office of Academic Excellence and the Office of Institutional Assessment work to ensure that our programs are assessing the extent to which students are able to achieve their expected outcomes and are seeking ways to improve the educational experiences for our students.  Using the most up-to-date guidelines from SACSCOC, we have been working on developing a Simplified Assessment Framework that will allow programs to implement more meaningful and manageable practices to assess student achievement of all program student learning outcomes (PSLOs). 

While we have done the research to create the Simplified Assessment Framework, which is based on SACSCOC standard 8.2a and commonly accepted practices, we still have some decisions to make as we seek to establish our new PSLO assessment expectations.  

For more information on SACSCOC guidelines, the simplified assessment framework, and the proposed implementation timeline, please see the following resources:

For faculty interested in learning more about the Simplified Assessment Framework and providing feedback, we encourage them to attend one of our upcoming information and feedback sessions:

Monday (11/27) 10:00-10:30am (click here to join)

Tuesday (11/28) 10:00-10:30am (click here to join)

Wednesday (11/29) 2:30-3:00pm (click here to join)

Thursday (11/30) 2:30-3:00pm (click here to join)

Below, we include our full Simplified Assessment Framework development and communication schedule.  As a collaborative process, we look forward to receiving input from those involved with program assessments across campus. 

Development and Communication Plan



December 2022– February 2023


  • Attend SACSCOC Conference
  • Review SACSCOC Resource Guidance on 8.2a


March – May 2023

  • Evaluate KSU assessment practices and identify gaps and areas for improvement



June - July 2023

  • Review assessment practices at other USG institutions
  • Identify negotiables and non-negotiables according to 8.2a

August 2023 

  • Develop Simplified Assessment Framework



September 2023

  • Orient campus constituents to the Simplified Assessment Framework
  • Communicate the negotiables and non-negotiables for 8.2a

October 2023

  • Facilitate discussions and solicit feedback from stakeholders (faculty program coordinators, faculty assessment peer reviewers, chairs/directors, and associate deans)


November 2023

  • Summarize feedback and share on website.
  • Provide additional opportunities for feedback from program faculty.

December 2023

  • Summarize all feedback and discuss with Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment Liaisons.
  • Submit recommendations to the Provost


January - February 2024

  • Communicate new assessment expectations for future assessment cycles