My Digital Experience: A Show and Tell Conference

NEW! Planning KSU’s “My Digital Experience: A Show and Tell Conference” 2023

The planning has begun for the second annual Show and Tell Conference!  

The My Digital Experience: A Show and Tell Conference gives faculty presenters and instructional designers a chance to “show (off) and tell” others about their digital experiences with innovative online or hybrid course design, implementation, management, assessment, and/or problem-solving.  

Format: This year, the conference will be in a hybrid format (presenters will be in-person) on Thursday, March 2nd and Friday, March 3rd, 2023, from 10am to 2pm (Tech Check for presenters at 9:45am).  Attendees should bring their own lunches to enjoy during the presentations. 

Faculty presentations (30 minutes) will be followed by contributions from a panel of KSU’s Digital Learning Innovation Instructional Designers to apply, elaborate, and extend on the topic of the presentation and to suggest resources.

Presenters: In late October, college deans will be asked to nominate a faculty member known for innovative online or hybrid course design, implementation, management, assessment, and/or problem-solving or faculty who have used D2L to make their face-to-face courses even more effective. If you think that’s you, let your dean know now!

Presenters will be contacted no later than November 18th and asked to submit a short proposal form if they accept their dean’s nomination.

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A link to register will be available on this page beginning on January 16th, 2023.  

Registration closes on February 17th, 2023.  

Register early!  Space is limited! 

Archives- Past Show and Tell Conferences 

  • The inaugural My Digital Experience: A Show and Tell Conference was held virtually at KSU over four weeks from early February to the first week of March 2022.  At this unique conference, teams of KSU faculty and DLI instructional designers teamed up to “show (off) and tell” others about their digital experiences with innovative online or hybrid course design, implementation, management, assessment, and/or problem-solving.  Conference attendees and visitors to this website have access to great ideas and resources for online and hybrid teaching, and for making face-to-face courses even more effective.

    The Show and Tell Conference was unique for several reasons:

    • Presenters were teams of KSU faculty and Digital Learning Innovations (DLI) instructional designers, who have complimentary knowledge and digital experiences.
    • It was held virtually on Teams, with presentations scheduled once a week for four weeks in the spring semester. 
    • This CIA-hosted website provides access to recordings of the presentations and discussions, as well as useful resources.
      • Student understanding can be difficult to gauge, and the familiar "Does anyone have any questions?" query often goes unanswered in both traditional classrooms and online discussion boards; however, ensuring students have a good grasp of basic course concepts can facilitate more meaningful and engaging class activities and discussions. In addition to increasing student engagement, conducting formative assessments to measure understanding throughout the course can also allow you to clarify, explain, or elaborate on that content for students in real time when it is most meaningful to them.

        Interested in learning more about using formative assessment for student engagement and understanding? Join us for a presentation, demonstration, and conversation about how online forms can be leveraged to create a loop of communication audits and encourage a deeper and more practical understanding of course material no matter what modality you are teaching in.

        Link to Session Recording 

      • What does it mean for an online course to be aligned to course objectives and accessible to all learners? How can you increase instructor presence in your online course? Join us to see a course that showcases modules that includes various types of files and formats that are accessible, aligned to course objectives, and that demonstrate instructor presence.

        Link to Session Recording

      • Teaching freshman chemistry online is a daunting task. Challenges of student engagement in a face-to-face class are heightened several-fold in an online environment. Rajnish Singh, faculty in Chemistry & Biochemistry, together with Senior Instructional Designers, Kathryn Morgan and Ashely Moore will present “lessons learned” in teaching online chemistry and the tools required to create an engaging, inclusive classroom environment. 

        Link to Session Recording 

        Other Resources from this Session – PowerPoint

      • How can students comprehend the physical world without leaving their computers? How can students complete online (laboratory) exercises that are both immersive and interactive? Watch us as we demonstrate how students can learn via online interactive story maps that literally put the world at their fingertips. 

        Link to Session Recording

        Other Resources from this Session

      • This interactive presentation will include research-based strategies for structuring effective and engaging synchronous classes. Whether meeting for 30 minutes or two hours, we intersperse what literature says with our experience running synchronous sessions and provide time to share your ideas as well. 

        Link to Session Recording

      • This show-and-tell presentation explores the ways instructors can utilize Microsoft Teams to provide feedback, collaborate, and meaningfully engage students. We suggest that no matter the course modality, Microsoft Teams can be used as an effective tool to communicate and collaborate with students. This presentation will provide instructors with the knowledge to engage in innovative and in-depth uses of Microsoft Teams that have the potential to strengthen existing courses and meet students where they are at.

        Link to Session Recording

        Other Resources from this Session - PowerPoint

      • Slack is a productivity platform designed to streamline communications for folks sharing community and/or work. The presenters will showcase how Slack is being used in online coursework to create authentic opportunities for course communication and collaboration (e.g., in lieu of D2L for announcements, discussion board posts, and seeking clarification for course activities/expectations) and to support students with dissertation development individually and collectively. The presentation will be interactive, providing sandbox time for participants to explore the Slack features being used for our online learning environments; and, be framed by research-based approaches for effective instructional design.

        Link to Session Recording

      • D2L provides a set of HTML templates that very few people are aware of. These templates not only offer static templates for regular text content but also provide interactive components. More importantly, these templates are accessible! Step away from being confined to PowerPoint slides and design learning materials in the HTML format natively. The majority of the text-to-speech software produces robotic VoiceOver that does not sound natural. Experience how recent advancement in AI and machine learning now make it possible to have a computer-generated voice-over that sounds natural.

        Link to Session Recording