Academic Assessment Series

  • Assessment Foundations Badge

    The Office of Assessment invites you to participate in the Academic Assessment Series, a professional development series intended to strengthen your understanding and skills relating to academic assessment and continuous improvement. While the series is designed with faculty in mind, it may be applicable to some staff.

    Module Information:

    • The series consists of five modules focusing on foundational aspects of academic assessment and continuous improvement.
    • Each module entails one week of asynchronous online material, with a corresponding 2-hour synchronous session for collaborative discussion and hands-on application (either virtual or face-to-face).
    • Participants who complete one module will earn a professional badge. Participants who complete the full series will earn the Assessment Foundations badge.

    Click below for more information or to register for one or more modules. Please email with questions.

      • Student Learning Outcomes Essentials Badge

        Module 1: Student Learning Outcome Essentials


        • What are student learning outcomes?
        • Deciding what students need to learn
        • Characteristics of effective learning outcomes
        • Uses of student learning outcomes

        Online material: October 19-23, 2020

        Synchronous session: October 26, 3-5pm OR October 30, 9-11am

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      • Curriculum Map Design Badge

        Module 2: Curriculum Map Design


        • What is a curriculum map?
        • How to create a curriculum map
        • How to create a course map
        • Using curriculum maps to guide curriculum changes

        Online material: November 9-13, 2020

        Synchronous session: November 16, 3-5pm OR November 19, 9-11am 

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      • Rubric Design Badge

        Module 3: Rubric Design


        • What is a rubric?
        • Types of rubrics
        • How to develop a rating-scale rubric
        • Equitable scoring

        Online material: January 25-February 8, 2021

        Synchronous session: February 10, 10am-12pm OR February 12, 2-4pm

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      • Validity and Reliability Essentials Badge

        Module 4: Validity and Reliability Essentials


        • What are validity and reliability?
        • Factors affecting validity and reliability
        • Evidence of validity and reliability
        • Improving validity and reliability

        Online material: March 1-17, 2021

        Synchronous session: March 19, 10am-12pm OR March 23, 2-4pm

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        • Data Informed Improvement Badge

          Module 5: Data Informed Improvement


          • Analyzing assessment data
          • Sharing and discussing results
          • Possible improvements
          • Innovative and novel solutions

          Online material: April 5-19, 2021

          Synchronous session: April 21, 10am-12pm OR April 23, 2-4pm

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