Student Syllabus Resources

The information below constitutes KSU student resources and may be referenced by faculty members in their course syllabi. These policies are updated on this site annually. 

Note to Faculty and Students: The Office of the Provost will work to keep the information and links in this page as accurate as possible. 

Technology Resources

Getting Technical Help 

For issues with technical difficulties, please contact the Student Helpdesk: 

New Students Technology Services- Steps that will help you meet the technological requirements of the University. 

Any request for make-ups due to technical issues MUST be accompanied by the ticket number received from UITS when the problem was reported to them. The ticket number will document the time and date of the problem. You MUST e-mail your instructor within 24 hours of the technical difficulty if you wish to request a make-up. 

Additional Technology Resources

Student Support and Wellness Resources

YOU MATTER at KSU, and your well-being is a priority to us. College is exciting, but it can cause students to experience stress and feel overwhelmed. Through counseling, health education, addiction and recovery support, fitness and recreation activities, and access to basic needs,  Wellbeing@KSU is here to help you do well and be well.   

Other Resources:

Academic Resources

Grade Appeals and Student Complaints 

KSU desires to resolve student grievances, complaints and concerns in an expeditious, fair and amicable manner. The complaints and concerns webpage was developed to assist current and prospective students in submitting complaints and appeals, and to direct them to the most effective venue for accurate information and resolution. The resources on the page will direct students to the specific venue to appropriately address the related student complaint. 

Complaints for online students are resolved following the same general procedures for students who attend classes on campus. However, for any process that requires a student appear in person, the university may make other arrangements. For processes that cannot be completed via telephone, email, or written correspondence, the university may set up a two-way video-conference site in place of a meeting on the KSU campus.