For New or Modified Programs: Assessment Plan Approval Form

For new or modified program proposals in Curriculog, please follow the steps below to obtain approval of the Assessment Plan.

Step 1: Contact the Assessment Office ( to discuss the Assessment Plan for the new or modified program. See below to determine the appropriate template to use to document the plan, if applicable: 

New programs: Please use this Assessment Plan Template to record the outcomes and measures. Include all assessment instruments in the Appendix.*

Non-accredited modified programs: Please use the Assessment of Learning Report template. Therefore, when it is time to report results in the fall (for the previous academic year), the outcomes and measures will already be included in the template. Include all assessment instruments in the Appendix.*

*Note: The Assessment Office uses this checklist when reviewing and providing feedback on Assessment Plans. Please consult the checklist to ensure the criteria have been met.

Accredited programs: The self-study may serve as documentation of assessment and continuous improvement, as long as the self-study reports on the assessment of student learning. Use of the above templates is not required, but the assessment process should be adjusted to align with any curriculum changes.

Step 2: Complete the fields and the summary description on the Assessment Plan Approval Form.

Step 3: Obtain the approval signature of either the Director of Academic Assessment (for non-accredited programs) or your college Associate Dean for Assessment (for accredited programs). Please contact the person to determine how best to obtain his/her signature.

Step 4: Upload the signed Assessment Plan Approval Form into Curriculog. The actual Assessment Plan does not need to be uploaded.

Please email with questions.

Thank you for your commitment to assessment and continuous improvement at KSU!