Double Owl Pathway Overview

The Double Owl Pathway is an advising pathway for high potential KSU undergraduate students who want to accelerate their attainment of a master’s degree at KSU.

Students following a Double Owl Pathway take nine hours of graduate coursework at the undergraduate tuition rate. Students must apply to the Graduate College to complete their graduate work.

How to Propose a Double Owl Pathway

As this is not changing any curriculum in either program, the approval of Double Owl Pathways does not have to go through the standard curriculum approval process; however the proposal process is documented using Curriculog to formalize each pathway. Instructions on how to propose a Double Owl Pathway in Curriculog can be found in Section 2 of the Double Owl Pathways Guide. Due to the multiple levels of review needed, faculty originators should expect the processing of Double Owl Proposals to take a minimum of one month.

Proposals for new pathways enrolling are now being accepted. A pathway map template is also available to help faculty plan a new pathway. Faculty may also choose to use this Simplified Pathway Template.

Faculty with questions regarding Double Owl Pathways should contact Anissa Vega, Interim Assistant Vice President for Curriculum and Academic Innovation at

Double Owl Pathway Student Site

For students interested in learning more about the Double Owl Pathway, visit

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