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Do you want to be a better teacher? Think like a researcher!

Your students are already providing data about what is working and what is not in your classroom. 

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The uHoo Analytics pilot will begin in Summer 2023.  That initial pilot group is full, and we are currently seeking a limited number of highly-skilled D2L instructors (online, hybrid, or F2F) from across campus who are teaching in Fall 2023. If selected to participate, you will receive an email each Monday called, “Monday Measures.”  This email will contain a summary of course and student data from D2L as well as alerts to any underperforming students and to questions on quizzes and assignments that students struggled with the previous week. If you use D2L to record attendance, this data will also be available.

Clicking on the link in the Monday Measures email will take you to the uHoo Analytics Dashboard for a closer look at data for individual students, assessments, and the course in general.

This is a pilot project, and space is limited.

In the pilot phase of this project, we will be asking you for feedback and input to revise and improve the dashboard.

What’s in it for you?
  • Make D2L work for you to free up your work time for other faculty demands.
  • Impact teaching and student success.
  • Generate evidence in the categories of Professional Service and Teaching, Supervising, and Mentoring for your ARD and P&T.
  • Pursue potential SoTL opportunities.
Key Benefits 
  • Improve your data-driven decision-making.
  • Use opportunities for early intervention and support.
  • Customize learning experiences to meet students' needs.
  • Get real-time feedback on student learning and instructional strategies.
  • Improve communications and engagement with students.
Amazing teachers think like researchers.

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Want more information? Email Dr. Julia Fuller or Sanjoosh Akkineni

Learning Analytics for SoTL

If you are interested in exploring how learning analytics may be used to support the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)—i.e., research on teaching and learning done by instructors in all disciplines—please contact Dr. Hillary Steiner, Associate Director for SoTL at the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL), for an individual consultation or workshop opportunity. 

FAQs About Learning Analytics

  • Learning analytics is the use of data to inform and improve teaching and learning. It involves collecting and analyzing data on student performance, engagement, and behavior to identify patterns and trends and make informed decisions about how to support student success.  

  • Learning analytics can be used in a variety of ways to support student success, such as identifying at-risk students, providing personalized feedback and support, and improving course design and delivery.  

  • Learning analytics can involve the collection and analysis of a range of data, including student demographics, course grades, engagement with course materials, and participation in online discussions and activities.  

  • Student data is used in learning analytics to inform decision-making related to teaching and learning. This can include identifying areas where students may need additional support, developing personalized learning plans, and improving course design and delivery.  

  • Faculty can use learning analytics to inform their teaching by identifying areas where students may be struggling or disengaged and adjusting their teaching strategies accordingly. For example, faculty may use learning analytics to identify which course materials are most effective or to provide personalized feedback to students.  

FAQs About uHoo

  • The analytics dashboard will provide data about classes (overall student performance, attendance, log-ons, and engagement with topics/modules), individual students (performance, attendance, log on, and engagement with topics/modules, comparisons to class data), and assignments and quizzes (overall class performance, performance by question).

  • All the data is already collected in D2L.  This project makes it easily accessible to you and alerts you to anything that may be of concern.

  • Only you! No one else will have access to your data and dashboard except for you.  If you want to provide someone with access, you must add their name to the D2L section as an instructor, non-edit instructor, or non-grading instructor.

  • Maybe. Right now, once you opt in, your Monday Measures email will contain data for all the courses for which you are the instructor of record for the current semester.  If you wish to focus on one course, you can click on the link in the Monday Measures email to go to the dashboard and choose a specific course there.  We are working on adding an option to select only the courses you wish to see.

  • Several divisions in Academic Affairs and UITS are working with MicroSoft to develop the analytics dashboard.

  • No! Instructors of face-to-face courses that use D2L, even if only to record grades, will benefit from using this data.

  • At the initial pilot stage of this project, you will be asked for your feedback and input so that the dashboard can be revised and improved for a second pilot group during the fall semester of 2023. 

  • Summer 2023

  • No problem!  That data will not be displayed in the dashboard for you.